Which are natural remedies and diet are recommended for allergies? Remedies should relate the treatment with nutrients.

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Allergic reactions may be more common in those with an unbalanced nutrition has a messy lifestyle.They can also be triggered by high consumption of processed foods that are high in food additives, but also emotional stress.

Natural remedies

 Treatment with nutrients

Frequently, intake of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is beneficial in preventing and treating allergies. To qualify for this aid specialists recommend oral administration of a dose of 100 mg of vitamin B5, daily.Also according to studies a dose of 400 mg of vitamin E administered daily for 4-6 weeks helps to reduce allergic symptoms because it possesses anti-allergic properties.

Treatment with castor oil

In a glass of fruit juice, fruit or water, place 5 drops castor oil and the mixture is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, is beneficial in treating allergies and skin disorders.

 Treatment with lime

Limes are indicated in treating any type of allergy. Squeeze one half of Lime in a glass of warm water, then sweetens it with a teaspoon of honey. The mixture is consumed only  in the morning, for several months.Lime acts as a detoxifying agent and antiallergic. Treatment with lime is not recommended for people allergic to citrus.

Treatment with bananas

Patients who have to deal with the food allergies or who have suffered repeatedly from digestive disorders, asthma and eczema, they have to eat bananas  Should be noted that these fruits can give trigger allergic reactions among sensitive individuals.

Treatment of vegetable and fruit juice

A quantity of 500 ml of carrot juice or a mixture composed of carrot juice, beet and cucumber is beneficial in treating allergies.

Diets for allergies

Fresh fruit juice

The best way to prevent or to beat allergies is to strengthen your immune system. To begin the patient must drink fresh fruit juice for 4-5 days. Repeated use helps to better tolerance to allergies.

Mono diet of vegetables and fruits

Avoid foods that contain preservatives or additives

Among the foods that should be excluded from the diet are tea, coffee, chocolate, carbonated beverages, alcohol, sugar and meat products, fish, poultry, tobacco, milk, cheese, salt, pickles, but foods containing food additives , preservatives and flavorings.