Which nations fought at Normandy on D-Day (June 6, 1944)? Give the specific beaches assigned to each of the Allied nations.

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The allies were mostly made up of American, British, and Canadian troops. The British contingent, however, consisted of entire squadrons of people from countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands who had fled to Britain during the Nazi occupation of their countries. Australia, New Zealand, and Luxembourg also contributed soldiers to the effort to liberate France.

One of the most important and biggest contributions was by the French resistance. Already in the country, they made life difficult for the Germans by supplying intelligence to their allies and sabotaging means of communication and transport. In the lead-up to the battle, it is estimated that they destroyed 1800 railway engines. During the battle itself, they were able to guide the allies through the French terrain.

The allies landed on five beaches. Each one had its own code name. The Americans sailing from Plymouth in the UK landed on Utah beach in La Manche, the Americans sailing from...

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