Which movements were launched under the leadership of Mahatma Ghandi to achieve the independence of India?

krcavnar | Student

Noncooperation Movement from 1920 to 1922 Gandhi preached noncooperation and nonviolent resistance against British rule.  The Indian people were to boycott governmental entities such as school, courts and officials were to refuse titles associated with the British government.  People were also asked to refuse British textiles and to use Swadeshi cloth.

Civil disobedience movement began in 1930’s and included the famous Salt March where Gandhi marched to the sea in protest of the government tax on salt.  This movement ended in 1931 when both the British and Indian factions acquiesced to certain demands.

Quit India Movement brought about in August 1942 which was last ditch effort to gather all Indians regardless of religion in unity against the imperialism of the British government.

scavenger2 | Student

Non-Coperarion movement,Dandi March,Satyagrahas,Quit India movement etc.....

shizza123 | Student

One I know for sure was Satyagraha, where Gandhi and his disciples went on a hunger strike.