• Which is the most powerful branch of government? Why? Give examples. 

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This is an interesting question. The government was designed intentionally so as to prevent one branch from becoming more powerful than any other. However, there are specific ways in which one branch may be more powerful than another. I suppose it depends on a point of view. Overall, though, it is difficult to say that one branch is significantly more powerful than another. Let's look at a few basic arguments that could be made about the potency of each of the three branches.

It could be argued that the judicial branch is the most powerful. The courts have the ability to decide the constitutionality of different laws and either uphold them or negate them. The decisions of the Supreme Court are binding. They set precedent that can last for generations. Their decisions can only be reversed by another Supreme Court decision or through the unlikely process of a constitutional amendment. There is little to nothing that the other branches of government can do in the face of a Supreme Court...

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