Which is the most malleable metal?

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Malleability is the property by which a substance can be beaten into sheets.Gold is the most malleable metal and can be hammered up to 0.0025 mm in thickness. It is followed by silver, lead, copper, aluminium, tin and so on.

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Malleability is a characteristic of materials that allow them to deform under compressive stress. Malleable materials can be formed into very thin sheets by rolling or hammering them. Of all materials metals have a very high malleability. Even among metals the malleability changes is different for various metals. Metal like silver, gold and aluminum top the list.

And the most malleable metal is gold. A single gram of gold can be beaten into a sheet that has an area of 1 square meter. A sheet of gold can be so thin has is translucent. This makes t useful in many applications, like shielding from harmful radiation, in jewelry, etc.

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Malleability refers to the the property of many metals which allows them to be deformed easily by hammering or pressing. the most malleable metal is gold. It can be hammered into thin foils only 0.0025 millimetre thick

Other malleable metals, arranged from high to low malleability are silver, lead, copper, aluminium, tin, platinum, zinc, iron and nickel.

A characteristics of metals closely, but not precisely, related to malleability is ductility. Metals that are malleable are also ductile. The most ductile metals listed in order of their malleability are gold, silver, platinum, iron, nickel, copper, aluminium, zinc, tin and lead.

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The most malleable metal is gold. It is also the most ductile metal.

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