What is the most important aspect of The Kite Runner?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of the many different and compelling elements brought out from the novel, I think that one of the most important aspects of the narrative is the quest for redemption.  The idea of becoming "good again" is something that drives Amir and compels him to return to Afghanistan.  In doing so, he confronts his own weaknesses and his own prejudices, as well as his own atonement of what he did to Hassan and its own moral repugnance.  I find one of the most important aspects of the novel is this particular narrative of redemption and sacrifice.  For Amir to begin repayment on the debt of Hassan's loyalty and his sense of selflessness at a time when so few demonstrated these qualities is an important aspect to the book.  Having settled in America, Amir could very well cut off all of his connections to the past and his own sense of obligation and duty to it.  Yet, he is confronted with the reality that his actions set in motion some of the very worst that human beings could to another.  It is in this where Amir's journey or quest for redemption, one whose primary motivation is "to be good again" becomes the most important aspect of the book.

noorgul | Student

i really appreciate the answer above.. thanx so much.

any other aspects which we can also relate with the present world as in the effects of war , or the religion islam or the taliban , afghanistan. can we relate it in anyway with the present world .??


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