With which method can one typically observe tissues?

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Tissues are groups of cells that are similar in structure and function. Tissues make up organs.  There are four main groups of tissues. The four groups of tissues include connective tissue, epithelial tissue, nervous tissue, and muscular tissue. Below, three methods of observing tissues have been identified.

  • Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) is one way that tissues can be observed. A TEM shoots electrons in a beam that is focused on an object. An image-producing system then focuses the electrons that passed through a specimen to form a highly magnified image of the specimen. The TEM’s image-recording system converts the image produced by the electrons into an image that can be interpreted by the human eye.
  • Fluorescent stains can be applied to tissues so they can be observed under fluorescent microscopes.
  • Confocal laser scanning fluorescence microscopy is beneficial in observing thicker samples of living tissues.
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