which matters does ralph intend to address and solve?

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Ralph's priorities change as the story of Lord of the Flies progresses.

In the beginning, Ralph's concern is acting as a properly elected leader, helping the boys to structure an acceptable living situation while they are on the island and developing a plan to increase the likelihood of their rescue. He devises a plan that assigns activities and responsibilities to everyone, with Jack and the choir in charge of hunting and a regular schedule of attendants for the signal fire.

As time goes by and many of the boys become less interested in discipline and structure and more interested in following basic instincts, Ralph becomes more concerned about the loss of focus but doesn't know how to counteract the changing attitudes.

I tell you that smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one....Things are breaking up. I don't understand why. We began well; we were happy. And then...people started getting frightened.

By the end of the novel, Ralph is being hunted by Jack and the others and his concern is that he may be found and killed by the hunters who used to be his friends.

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