Which marine habitat buffers pollutants and is an important breeding ground for organisms? 

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Estuaries are the marine habitat that buffers pollutants and acts as an important breeding ground for organisms.

An estuary is a region where freshwater mixes with salt water, in other words, river water mixes with ocean water. The river water brings with it large quantities of sediment and pollutants. This intermediate region between river and ocean (the estuary) acts as the buffer zone. The wetland plants and soil filter out most of the sediments and many of these pollutants. The estuary also buffers against storm discharge. Due to its uniqueness, in terms of salt gradient, nutrient level and constant mixing, the estuaries provide a zone of very high nutrient level and are home to a large number of life forms. Some examples of habitats found around the estuaries include swamp, marsh, sand flat, mangrove forest, river delta, etc. Most of the commercially important fish depend on the estuary at some point of their life cycle. The estuaries also act as resting grounds for migratory birds. 

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