which living things use the procces of cellular respiration to release their stored energy?please give an answer that is good for a grade 9 student

Expert Answers
pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All aerobic organisms use cellular respiration to create energy for cell processes. This would include all animals and all plants, plus most of the fungi and some of the bacteria.

Perhaps the best way to answer the question would be to discuss which organisms don't use cellular respiration, since that is a much shorter list. Such anaerobic organisms fall into two groups - obligate anaerobes, which cannot use oxygen at all, and facultative anaerobes, which can switch between aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways.

Obligate anaerobes include iron and  sulfur bacteria and Clostridium bacteria.

Facultative anaerobes include the bacteria Staphylococcus and E. coli, yeasts, and some bottom-dwelling aquatic creates such as polychaete worms.