Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover
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Which literary techniques are used to provoke thought on human behavior?

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I think that one can find many instances where Orwell's use of literary techniques help to expand the themes of the novel.  I feel that his use of a third person narrative style is vitally important in being able to initiate thought and reflection in the reader.  His third person form of narration allows the reader to digest and interpret how the events of the novel unfold.  When Napoleon's brutality is being displayed or when Clover's confusion is being detailed or when Boxer's futility is being articulated, Orwell does not allow his own voice to cloud or obscure the reader's.  It is in these situations where the reader is able to reflect and think about both the implications of political power in the novel and also how similar patterns may be representative in the world of the reader.  In this, thought is developed and rumination is evident.  It is facilitated in Orwell's style, a very detached and almost stunningly impersonal account of how the movement for the rights of the group becomes a front for personal manipulation and the consolidation of power.  While Orwell does his best to detach his own voice from what is happening, the reader also understands that Orwell's own touch is "there" and in this, the reader has yet another level of thought that is initiated in their own mind about what is happening in the story and in their own world.

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