Which lines reveal the imagery in "Richard Cory"? Look for the lines that describe a vivid mental picture in the poem.

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He was a gentleman from sole to crown

Richard Cory exuded all the characteristics one would assume about a gentleman. He seems refined, has good taste, and respects other people. He is a man the townspeople look to with admiration, so this line provides the impression of distinction about the subject of the poem.

Clean favored, and imperially slim

He is also well-groomed, taking great pride in his appearance. He isn't just thin but "imperially" slim, connoting a sense of royalty in his demeanor. The townspeople look to him as one would admire a king, with great respect and honor.

And he was always quietly arrayed

Contrasting a typical image of royalty, Richard Cory dresses in a muted manner, not using clothing to draw attention to himself. He likely avoids showy fashions and flashy colors. This presents a sense of humble character, which is reinforced in the following line as the speaker notes that he was "always human" in conversation, showing kindness in conversation.

And admirably schooled...

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