Which is the LIGHTEST METAL in the periodic table of elements?

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Lithium. It's the first in the family of alkali metals in the Table, and has the smallest atomic number of any metal (in this case, 3, which tells us the number of protons in the atom.) It has a density less than that of water 0.534 grams per cubic centimeter, and is used to make batteries and glassware in addition to being an additive for lubricants.  In medicine, compounds of lithium are used to treat bipolarism. See more details on the metal at the link:

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Lithium( Li 3)  is lighest by atomic number. If we want to judge on the basis of Strength / Weight ratio  then  Titanium ( Ti )is smallest metal from periodic Table.

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Lithium is the lighest in the whole Periodic Table.

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Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table. It has the smallest atomic mass compared to all the other metals