Which latitude do we live in?

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First, we must understand that not everyone lives at the same latitude.  When we speak of latitude, we are speaking about how far north or south of the Equator a given place is.  There are 90 degrees of latitude from the Equator to the North Pole.

I, for example, live at 47 degrees North latitudes.  I live in Central Washington, but because this line of latitude runs east to west, I am at the same latitude as parts of Maine and Northern Michigan.  

Much farther south, Los Angeles, CA is at 34 degrees North.  On the East Coast, that line of latitude runs through both North and South Carolina.

Without knowing where you are, we cannot know what latitude you live on.

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The following link is also useful apart from the above information, as it gives an atlas of the world where you can find longitudes and latitudes.

In addition, Google Maps is also useful for finding out this information for where you live.