Which key details should be included in a summary of Rikki-tikki’s battle with Nag in the bathroom?

The key details of a summary of Rikki-tikki's battle with Nag in the bathroom should include Rikki-tikki's mental commentary as he assesses the situation and a description of Rikki-tikki's emotions and actions before, during, and after the violent conflict. One should also include details regarding Nag's reaction to Rikki-tikki's attack, Rikki-tikki's response to Nag battering him throughout the bathroom, and his physical state following the battle.

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When writing a summary of Rikki-tikki's intense battle with Nag in the bathroom, one should include Rikki-tikki's thoughts, emotions, and actions before, during, and after the violent struggle. A summary should also include specific details regarding the setting of the battle and the behaviors of both Rikki-tikki and Nag during the conflict. Before Rikki-tikki attacks Nag, he overhears him discussing his plans with Nagaina to rid the bungalow of humans, which incites Rikki-tikki's rage. Despite Rikki-tikki's anger, he is afraid of Nag when he spots his long, coiled body in the bathroom. Instead of immediately attacking Nag, Rikki-tikki understands the importance of biding his time.

One should also include Rikki-tikki's mental commentary as he assesses the situation and contemplates his next move. Even though Nag is unaware of Rikki-tikki's presence, Rikki-tikki recognizes the importance of striking at Nag's head, where he has the best chance of finishing him off. Rikki-tikki understands the risk of attacking Nag and the consequences attached to missing his target. Rikki-tikki is aware that biting Nag's tail or hood will only upset him and put him at a disadvantage.

While Nag is resting, Rikki-tikki leaps and bites down on his head, bracing onto Nag's back as he thrashes him to and fro. Although Rikki-tikki is battered "as a rat is shaken by a dog," he holds on for dear life and locks his jaws in a fixed position until Nag dies. Teddy's father hears the commotion and sprints into the bathroom wielding a shotgun. Even though Nag is dead, Teddy's father shoots the cobra, and Rikki-tikki recovers from being "shaken to pieces."

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