Which incident impresses you the most from the play Romeo and Juliet?

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Personally, the incident that impresses me the most from this play is when Juliet takes her life into her own hands—literally and figuratively—and decides to fake her own death, deceive her family and her nurse, and make one last-ditch effort to be with her beloved, Romeo. She is so incredibly young, just thirteen, and she has so many reasonable fears about taking this step, but she bravely faces those fears and goes for it. Juliet worries the potion Friar Lawrence gave her might not work at all—then what will she do? She worries she could wake up earlier than planned and find herself trapped in her family's vault. She also has concerns that the mixture might kill her. Juliet must act alone, without anyone's support, taking a really dramatic step, and she does so courageously. I find this extremely impressive.

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