Which of the Incas methods for unification were acceptable to the conquered people?

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The Incas tended to have a reciprocity viewpoint about ruling their empire and primarily employed this philosophy as a means of unification. They customarily permitted conquered people to conduct themselves in a similar manner as they had prior to being conquered. This was contingent upon whether the people in conquered territories satisfied certain requisites, i.e. affording large scale labor to the Inca empire. Another agreeable method of unification to the conquered people was that of religion. Although the Incas strictly imposed their religion on the conquered individuals, they incorporated the gods of the conquered people into the Inca’s religion as well. Although life for the conquered people was not one of liberty and there was a complex administrative system in place to control and achieve submission, the Incas ensured that people were afforded adequate land to farm and provided materials for arts and creativity as a way to unify the conquered states.