Which are the important properties of titanium?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Titanium is a silver grey metal with chemical symbol Ti. It is the ninth most abundant element in the world. However because it is very difficult to extract titanium from the ores, it is a very expensive metal. If it was possible to find a way to extract titanium in a inexpensive way, it has the potential of replacing both steel and aluminium as the primary material for construction of many products.

It is ductile

Density of Titanium is between aluminium and steel. Its density is about 56% of steel. It is stronger than aluminium and about as strong as steel. It also has better corrosion resistant properties than stainless steel. It is also a ductile. At the same time it has high hardness.

It is not a good conductor of electricity.

Titanium melts at temperature 1725 degrees centigrade. It boils at 3287 degrees centigrade.

Its atomic number is 22 and atomic weight is 47.88.

arahman43 | Student

Titanium, when pure, is a lustrous, white metal. It has a low density, good strength, is easily fabricated, and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is ductile only when it is free of oxygen. The metal, which burns in air, is the only element that burns in nitrogen.

Titanium is resistant to dilute sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, most organic acids, most chlorine gas, and chloride solutions.

Natural titanium is reported to become very radioactive after bombardment with deuterons. The emitted radiations are mostly positrons and hard gamma rays. The metal is dimorphic. The hexagonal alpha form changes to the cubic beta form very slowly at about 880C. The metal combines with oxygen at red heat, and with chlorine at 550C.

Titanium metal is considered to be physiologically inert. When pure, titanium dioxide is relatively clear and has an extremely high index of refraction with an optical dispersion higher than diamond.

Titanium has a high melting point of 3135°F (1725°C). This melting point is approximately 400°F above the melting point of steel and approximately 2000°F above that of aluminum.

dominion | Student

Titanium(symbol Ti) has an atomic number of 22, it is a silver gray colored, light material which has a density somewhere between that of stainless steel and aluminun. A relatively abundant material,titanium has a number of important properties: It is has an excellent strength to weight ratio which make it a superb choice for aircraft, is very resistant to corrosion especially to chemicals like chlorine and acid, has a very low density. Another important property is it's very high melting point 1,660°C. as well as a high melting point 3,287. Titainium importantly has a huge number of appications in many different fields ranging from medical, oil  refining, steel and the aerospace industry.


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