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To what extent do advertising images reflect local social customs realistically?  

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I think that some level of specificity will be needed.  Exactly what images are being analyzed will have to be receive focus.  Outside of that and speaking from the most general of perspectives, I think that there is some level of realism in the images that tourist advertisements offer.  However, in their very nature of advertisement, there is some level of deception and some level of masking the truth.  Advertising tourism, by definition, is something that seeks to put the "best face forward" in order to lure people to a specific nation.  With the possible exception of slum tourism, most tourism seeks to depict culture and social customs in an appealing manner.  There is rarely a discussion of the downside to these elements.  For example, advertisement of tourism in Arizona would highlight social customs and practices in the state that can be broadened to anyone.  They would not include discussion of SB 1070, the law that tightens enforcement of illegal immigration and the potential for profiling that goes along with it.  In this example, social customs are presented in a light that allows a positive view to be developed with avoidance of anything that could be seen as harsh or negative.

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