Which image gives a sinister air and feeling of death in the poem "Incident in a Rose Garden"?

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In the poem "Incident in a Rose Garden," we see that Death has arrived. The gardener, who is an elderly man, thinks that Death is there for him. In fear he takes off running to his master. The gardener explains to the master that Death is in the garden and tells the master he is quitting his job, because he wants more time to live and see things in life. The master bids him a fond farewell and lets the gardener go.

When the master goes out to confront Death, we learn just who Death is there for. For me, the most sinister air and feeling of Death is when the master goes out to talk to Death.

And there stood Death in the garden,
Dressed like a spanish waiter.
He had the air of someone
Who, because he likes arriving
At all appointments early,
Learns to think himself patient.
I watched him pinch one bloom off
And hold it to his nose-
A connoisseur of roses-
One bloom and then another.
They strewed the earth around him. 

The whole way that Death is so nonchalant about why he is there is sinister. When the poem talks about how the roses blooms now laid strewn around the ground, this gives the feeling of death. As soon as he touched them, they died. It just goes to show that Death is there for a certain purpose and he will get whomever he is there for.

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