The Lake Isle of Innisfree Questions and Answers
by William Butler Yeats

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Which image from the first two stanzas best conveys a mood of serenity?

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To me, the most serene image in the first two stanzas of "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by William Butler Yeats is the "[midnight] all a glimmer". The calm and peace of nighttime alone with the wilderness is a kind of serenity that it's hard to replicate. There is a humbleness that comes from being alone with nature's beauty and danger all at once. The images of the cabin and the "bee-loud glen" are less appealing to me because I feel like they interrupt the beauty that the narrator claims to want to enjoy. I dislike his desire to turn this wilderness space into a likeness of what he flees simply to make it comfortable for himself. I would much rather soak up the midnight in common with the raccoons, the owls, and the wolves.

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