Which guest decided to enjoy his weekend in Ten Little Indians?How do the guests react to the mechanical sounding voice?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The character who decides to enjoy his weekend is Philip Lombard (Chapter 2, Part 11).

Philip Lombard is arguably a somewhat shady character.  General Macarthur in particularly is unnerved by him, identifying him as "a queer chap" (Chapter 2, Part 11).  Lombard has been offered the handsome sum of a hundred guineas to come to Indian Island by a Mr. Isaac Morris; once having arrived on the island Lombard is to "hold (him)self at the disposal of (Mr. Morris's) client".  Lombard is told that he should expect to be on the island "not longer than a week at most", and although he is assured that "if anything illegal is proposed, (he will) be at perfect liberty to withdraw", it is evident that "in Lombard's past actions legality (has) not always been (an essential ingredient)" (Chapter 1, Part 3).

When the guests are sitting in the drawing room on the first evening after their arrival on the island, a sinister, "inhuman, penetrating...Voice" begins speaking without warning, accusing each of them by name of having been involved in murder.  The guests are of course quite startled, there is "a moment's petrified silence", and then a loud crash, the sound of Mrs. Rogers fainting and falling to the floor.  Lombard is the first to spring into action, summoning Marston to help him tend to Mrs. Rogers.  Dr. Armstrong and Mr. Rogers also come to the stricken woman's aid.  General Macarthur "splutter(s)" in confusion, his hands shaking and his shoulders sagging.  Vera cries out hysterically, and Blore nervously wipes his face with a handkerchief.  Only Justice Wargrave and Miss Brent remain "comparatively unmoved" (Chapter 3, Part 2).

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