Which genre of fiction is "Her First Ball"?

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

“Her First Ball” by Katherine Mansfield is realistic fiction written in the form of a short story. Katherine Mansfield writes the story of a young lady who is attending her first ball. This situation can and does happen in real life. The author describes the young men and women at the dance but delves into the emotions and feelings of the protagonist, Leila. Leila grew up in the county where she never had the chance to attend a ball. Her dancing experiences were confined to the lessons she received dancing with other girls at her boarding school. Through the author’s descriptions, the reader feels the emotions Leila experiences as she gets ready for the dance, enters the hall, dances with various young men, and has her excitement dashed while dancing with an older man. All of the situations and emotions presented in the story are realistic for the fictional characters depicted in the story.

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