Lost Children Archive Questions and Answers
by Valeria Luiselli

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Which fragment (40 lines) shows how children are affected by the separation from the family?

While many parts of this book show how children are affected by being separated from their family, a particularly compelling example appears on page 264, beginning "We called for Ma and Pa..." to the page break on the next page.

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The Lost Children Archive explores the motif of the child refugee and the impact on a family when the family is separated. While the novel interrogates the crisis at the southern border of the United States, it also studies a close family whose two children become separated from the parents. On page 264, the boy reflects that, despite calling for his mom and dad, "our voices got drowned in the air . . . that's when we really realized . . . that we'd got lost." The intense feeling of isolation and loneliness that descends shows in the three-time...

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