Which of the four leadership styles would you use in a criminal justice setting?

Expert Answers

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a style approach to leadership emphasizes the behavior of the leader rather than the traits, this question is predicated on which criminal justice setting we are discussing.  If you are in a courtroom or in a jail or in a juvenile detention center, each setting requires situational differences. If you define the leadership styles as authority compliance which emphasizes task completion, country club style which is about relationships, the impoverished management style which is distant at best, the middle of the road style which is a balance of task and relationships, and the team approach which uses participation, input, and uses both compliance and relationships, the choice again is not easy.  Efficiency uses the compliance model; however, staff chafe under the top down model which doesn't use their input.  Watching how much influence the jail staff have with inmates as to who needs what to behave and survive, I believe in the team model where input from staff is important in the decisions made.  Inmates will be more willing to follow the rules if the officers treat them humanely, listen when they can, and understand more clearly when the answer is no.  The officer in charge needs to hear the information from everyone, and include others in decisions if they plan to be successful.  Playing the tough guy alone doesn't work.