Which of the following is used to describe and interpret the behaviors of different states of matter?A. kinetic theory B. gas laws C. collision theory D. thermal expansion

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sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Thermal expansion as the answer. According to thermal expansion with change in temperature there is change is characteristic of matter in length, area and also volume. Increased temperature helps in breaking the bond energy and helps in expansion which lead to linear expansion, areal expansion and also expansion in volume. When temperature is decreased the bonds between the atoms contract which leads to change in characteristic of matter. Thermal expansion also explains about the hardness of the matter, if thermal expansion is less than the substance is harder and vise versa. With increase in temperature solid becomes liquid and then to gas by breaking bond energy between molecules, Thus we can interpret the behavious of different state of matter.

Kinetic theory explains only for gas molecules.

Gas law only deals with pressure, volume and temperature of gas.

Collision theory deals with gas molesules and predict the rate of chemical reaction.