Which theme, love, truth, madness, pride, or faith, contributes most to the element of pathos in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex

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The theme that most evokes the feeling of pathos, meaning pity or suffering is the theme of pride. Oedipus's excessive and wrongful pride is what creates his blindness and leads him most to his tragic downfall.

The first evidence of Oedipus's excessive pride can be seen in how quickly he assumes that Creon is involved in a conspiracy to assassinate Oedipus and take the crown. We first see Oedipus's suspicions when Creon informs him that King Laius was killed by bandits and Oedipus immediately begins believing that bandits would not have been so bold as to kill a king unless they were paid to do so by conspirators in Thebes, as we see in his lines, "How did a bandit come to dare so much, unless he...

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