Which of the following statements is true regarding the growth of nationalism in the 19th century A.war and conflict were often used as vehicles to unite the people B.The transition to nationhood was usually smooth with little internal conflict C.Only European nations experienced growth in nationalism D.minorities were usually viewed as equal members of society in the new naitons E. European Imperialism prevented the rise of nationalism in Asia

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Of these possible answers that you offer, I would say that the correct one is A -- wars and conflicts were often used as a way for nationalist leaders to unite their people.

The most obvious examples of this can be seen in Italy and Germany.  Both of these countries experienced nationalism in the late 1800s.  They both used wars and conflicts to help the nationalism along.  In time, the nationalism grew to a great enough extent that the two countries were actually able to become single countries (they used to be split up into lots of little countries).

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