Which of the following statements reflects the status of Florida during the Civil War? a. The Confederacy ceded Florida to the Union army midway through the war. b. The Confederacy maintained control over Florida throughout the war. C. The Union took coastal strongholds, but the Confederacy kept the interior. D. The Union took much of the north, but the Confederacy held the south. 

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Of the options listed here, I would say that Option C is the best choice.  The Confederacy did generally control the interior of Florida during the Civil War while the Union either maintained control or took control of much of the state’s coast.

Florida was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War.  It was the third state to secede from the Union, doing so in 1861.  However, the state was not particularly important in the war.  There was only one major battle fought there.  At the start of the war, the Union already controlled various forts along the Florida coastline.  As the war went on, the North took some ports because there was simply too much coast for the South to defend and it had a very weak navy. 

All this means that the North was able to exert significant control over much of the coast.  However, the Union’s control did not extend into the exterior.  The North did attempt to invade inland to cut off the flow of supplies from Florida to the rest of the Confederacy, but these attempts generally failed.  For these reasons, I would say that Option C is the best choice for this question.

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