Which of the following statements is a MAD goal? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you ask about “MAD goals,” I assume that MAD is an acronym that stands for “measurable, attainable, deadline.”  When students are taught about setting goals in classes like AViD, they are often taught that their goals should have these attributes.  They should be measurable so students can know if they are making progress towards their goals.  They should be attainable because there is no sense in having goals that can never be reached.  They should have a deadline so that the student will feel some urgency to reach the goal and so that the student will know the date by when the goal must be reached.  If this is what you mean by a MAD goal, the best answer is the last choice—the one about raising your batting average.

The first option is not attainable.  It is very unlikely that a person in their first wrestling match ever would beat the county champion.  The second option is not attainable.  To dance 300 hours in a month, you would have to dance about 10 hours each day.  That is not very likely at all.  The third option is not attainable.  That is much too far to swim on one breath.

By contrast, the last goal fits all the criteria of MAD.  It is measurable because it is expressed in terms of batting average (not just “I want to get better at hitting”).   It has a deadline (the end of the season).  It is attainable because 2 points on a batting average is not very much.  Therefore, the last option is an example of a MAD goal.

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