Which is similar to how a star generates energy? A thermal power plant B. wind energy plant C. hydro electric plant D. nuclear power plant

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A star, which is a ball of plasma held together by gravity, shines due to thermonuclear fusion in its core, releasing energy which travels through its interior and eventually, it radiates into outer space. The energy released by stars is produced when hydrogen atoms which serve as the fuel are fused together to form the heavier element helium. This process is a fusion process because smaller atoms are joined to form a larger atom. The Sun, which is the closest star to Earth provides most of the energy used on Earth. A nuclear power plant generates energy when larger atoms are split into smaller atoms with a release of energy. Although stars produce energy by fusion and nuclear power plants currently produce energy by fission, both are operating on the atomic level of either fusing or splitting atoms, to produce energy.