Which of the following are solutions to the equation (x-a)(x-b)=0?a) x= -a and a= -b b) x=a and x=b c) x=ab d) x= (-a)(-b) e) x= 2a=2b

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jgeertz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

(x-a) (x-b) =0

If either (x-a)=0  or (x-b)=0 then the entire expression is equal to 0.

Set the first factor equal to 0 and solve. 

(x-a) =0


Set the next factor equal to 0 and solve.

(x-b) =0


The solution is all values that make (x-a)(x-b) =0 true.

x= a, b

which in your problem is choice b) x=a, x=b