Which of the following did NOT happen in the Second Industrial Revolution? Russia rapidly advanced to rival the gains of Western Europe   Cities became cleaner and freer from disease   Germany bypassed Great Britain to become the largest industrial power in Europe   Electricity replaced coal-burning steam engines as the main source of power   Cities such as London and Berlin became heavily industrialized

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Of the options that you have provided here, the first option is the best answer to this question.  All of the other options are true.

The first option is the correct answer because Russia was certainly not economically equal to the countries of Western Europe.  It most definitely did not rival them in terms of its economic strength.  Russia was the most backwards of all of the major countries of Europe.  It had a huge land mass and a large population, but its economy was weak and fairly primitive.  The vast majority of its people were peasants who engaged in subsistence farming, not workers in industrial factories.  This economic weakness was one of the major reasons why Russia was not able to perform well in WWI (or in the Russo-Japanese War before it).  Since Russia was so poor compared to the major powers of Europe, the first option is not something that happened during the Second Industrial Revolution.

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