Which of the following regions is not a stronghold of the Republican Party today?A. The West.B. The Northeast.C. The Midwest.D. The mountain states.E. The South.  

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The best answer to this question is Option B, the Northeast.  Of the options given in this question, it is the one that is least likely to be called a Republican stronghold.  To see why this is so, look at the map in the link below.

It is possible to say that the West is not a Republican stronghold.  As the map shows, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada all voted for President Obama in the 2012 election.  However, most people would include other states, like Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming in “the West.”  Those areas are clearly Republican strongholds.

By contrast, there are not any “red states” in the Northeast.  This is a part of the country that has been strongly Democratic for some time.  Therefore, Option B is the best answer.


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