Which quality does the chief elder say Jonas doesn't yet possess?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 11 Jonas has his first session with the Giver, and he is rather nervous, concerned that he may not be able to perform as he should, especially after learning that a previous person had failed. The Giver himself is also concerned; so, he begins with having Jonas experience snow. Jonas, then, inquires why his society no longer has such things as hills and snow; the Giver replies that such things are not practical, and so they were done away with in their efficient society. Still, Jonas remarks, I wish we had such things, and the Giver ruefully agrees. "But that choice isn't ours," he adds.

Jonas suggests that since the Giver has so much power, perhaps he could do something about reinstating snow and hills. But, the older man stops the boy, "Honor...I have great honor. So will you. But you will find that that is not the same as power." Later, in Chapter 12, the Giver explains that Jonas will acquire the power of "seeing-beyond," which is the ability to see not just shape and size, but also color.

joannvac | Student

Wisdom...Jonas will develop it through experiencing the memories.