Which of the following is not true related to endotoxins?A. Endotoxins are secreted from cells. B. Can be linked to Meningococcemia C. Produced by gram negative microorganisms D. Can cause fever

Expert Answers
pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Endotoxins are molecules produced by some strains of gram negative bacteria. These toxins are composed of a combination of lipids and carbohydrates, and occur attached to the bacterial cell membrane. They can elicit a strong immune or toxic response from any tissue exposed to them, including inflammation, hemorrhage, and massive cell destruction. Once this immune response begins, septic shock may set in, causing many victims to experience high fevers and chills.

Meningococcemia is one of a number of illnesses that is associated with endotoxins. Others include salmonellosis, shigellosis, pertussis, and cholera.

The key feature that distinguishes endotoxins medically is that they remain attached to the bacterial cell membrane, and do not cause a major body reaction until the cell is disrupted, either by immune system responses or administration of antibiotics.

Therefore the best choice to answer your question is A. Endotoxins are not normally secreted from cells as exotoxins would be, they remain within the bacteria until the cell is disrupted.