Which of the following is not true regarding DNA replication? A) One of the original two strands is degraded, and the new double helix is made from the remaining single DNA strand template. B) New nucleotides are positioned in the proper order by DNA polymerase. C) The two original strands of DNA must be separated before the synthesis of new strands can begin. D) Each strand of the original DNA acts as a template for the production of a new strand of DNA. E) Replication of DNA occurs during the S phase in interphase.5

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The answer to the question is choice A. One of the original two strands is not degraded before replication occurs. However, the DNA must first be separated by enzymes. Either strand of the DNA double helix can serve as a template for replication. DNA polymerase aids the process by catalyzing the linking of the complementary nucleotides to the corresponding nucleotides in the DNA template strand. Eventually, the DNA is copied and the daughter strand contains half of the original DNA and half of the new molecule.

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