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Which of the following is NOT a function of law?A. To provide securityB. To resolve conflictC. To reflect and enforce conformity to society's valuesD. To ensure fairnessE. To provide predictability

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This is a question whose answer could vary from person to person.  You will see different lists of functions of the law in different texts.  I strongly suggest that you consult your own text to see which of these options is not included as a function of the law.  I could argue that all of these are functions of the law, but if I have to pick one to leave out, I would pick Option E.  However, I still recommend that you check your text book to make sure your book’s authors agree with me.

One function of the law is clearly to provide us with security.  This is why we have laws against things like murder and theft.  Law is also meant to resolve conflict.  When two people each feel that the other has cheated them in business, they can file lawsuits to resolve their conflict instead of resorting to violence.  Law clearly reflects and enforces some of our society’s values.  We do not allow people under 21 to drink alcohol because we feel that it is wrong for them to do so.  We do not allow people to be naked in public for the same reason.  These are things that are only illegal because our society believes they are wrong.  Finally, law does exist to ensure fairness.  We have laws that prevent people from being treated differently because of the color of their skin.  Thus, we can see that Options A through D are all clearly functions of the law.

That leaves Option E.  We can argue that the law does not exist to make our lives predictable.  Our lives are still subject to randomness and luck.  Clearly, law does not make our lives predictable.  (I would actually argue that having written laws makes our lives more predictable because we know what is and is not legal.  However, if one of these has to be left out, I think it should be Option E.)

Again, please check your textbook as different people could have different answers to this question.

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