Which of the following is NOT an epoch of the Tertiary period?   Paleocene   Pliocene   Eocene   none of the above    

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lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

None of the above; all three listed are Epochs of the Tertiary Period. There are five all together, and they make up the first part of the Cenezoic Era. The Cenezoic Era is the current era; it began 66 million years BCE (before common era) and continues today. We are in the Quarternary Period, which began 2.6 million years ago. The first half of the Cenezoic is called the Tertiary Period, the subject of your question. In order, the five epochs of the Tertiary Period are from the furthest back in time to the most recent:

  1. The Paleocene 66--55.8 million years BCE
  2. The Eocene  55.8--33.9 million years BCE
  3. The Oligocene  33.9--23 million years BCE
  4. The Miocene  23--5.3 million years BCE
  5. The Pliocene  5.3--2.6 million years BCE

The Quarternary Period follows, 2.6 million years BCE  to the present. If you are looking for information on the plants and animals of the Quaternary please see the links below.