Which of the following lines is not parallel to the other three in the following a) `(x-3)/2`=`(y+3)/-6`=`(z+7)/4` b)`(x+1)/-1`=`(y-7)/3`=`(z+11)/-2` c) `x=t-1`, `y=-3t+4`,` z=2t-11`, teR d) `vecr`=(3,-5,-3) +s(2,-3,1), seR

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You need to identify the direction vectors of the lines such that:

barv_1 = <2,-6,4> , barv_2 = <-1,3,-2> , barv_3 = <1,-3,2>, barv_4 = <2,-3,1>

You need to remember that two vectors are parallel if the coressponding components of both vectors are in the same ratio.

Checking if the vectors `barv_1`  and `barv_2`  are parallel yields:

`2/(-1) = (-6)/3 = 4/(-2)`

`-2 = -2 = -2`

The same ratio proves that the vectors `barv_1`  and `barv_2`  are parallel.

Checking if the vectors `barv_1`  and...

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