Which of the following is a likely future development in juvenile justice? a. Minority juveniles will continue to be the focus of social control in American society. b. Drug courts, teen courts, and gun courts for juveniles will be reduced. c. The use of restorative justice will continue to dwindle throughout the United States. d. The number of juveniles in adult prisons will greatly decrease.

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Among the aforementioned options, it appears that the most likely trend we will observe in the future with respect to juvenile delinquency is the decrease in the number of juveniles in adult prisons. The correct answer is therefore option D. This is because defenders of juvenile justice are advocating against exposing juvenile offenders to adult prisons. This view is supported by empirical evidence that indicates a strong link between juvenile detention in adult prisons and future criminal behavior. Juvenile justice defenders also emphasize restorative justice and the importance of rehabilitation programs and schemes, such as education and job training. They aim to give juveniles a chance to be tried in specialized courts and give them an opportunity to learn from their past mistakes, rather than label them as criminals.

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