Which of the following isn't a popular sport in China? a) badminton b) cricket c) ping pong d) basketball

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this is B.  Cricket is not a popular sport in China.

Both badminton and ping pong (which is more properly called table tennis) are very popular sports in China.  China typically has many of the best athletes in the world in these particular sports.  According to this link, China has won more than half of the gold medals ever won in badminton at the Olympic Games.  In table tennis, China is even more dominant.  This link tells us that it has won 24 of 28 gold medals and over half of all the Olympic medals ever in that sport.  Thus, these are clearly very popular sports.

China has not had the same success in basketball, but that is still a very popular sport.  It became much more popular in China with the NBA success of Yao Ming.  It remains popular today.

By contrast, cricket is not played much in China.  Cricket is really only played by countries with ties with England.  The best cricketing countries (other than England) were all once colonized by England.  These include India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Therefore, B is the correct answer.

gelsaied | Student

The answer is B: Cricket

Badminton is very popular in China, because after all, China has won 16 gold medals in Badminton in the Summer Olympic Games.

Ping-Pong is also popular in China, and the Chinese have been very successful in the sport, winning 24 gold medals.

Although China isn't as skilled in Basketball, it is also a big hit in China because of the success of Yao Ming, a famous NBA basketball player.

Cricket is not as favored in China, so the correct answer is B.