Who is credited in creating the Theory of Evolution?

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The Theory of Evolution is all but accepted as scientific fact, and only a few small inconsistencies remain to justify the label of "theory." In developing the evolution hypothesis, many scientific minds over the years noted changes in animal and plant life, but it wasn't until the groundbreaking work of Charles Darwin in the mid-1800s that the idea of Natural Selection as an evolutionary process became mainstream. However, Darwin was not alone in developing the theory; Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin and a distinguished naturalist in his own right, developed almost the same theory at the same time as Darwin, and their findings were published simultaneously. While Darwin went on to become "The Father of Evolution," Wallace's differing ideas became the base of much scientific debate, and his works are deemed influential in the field. The two men corresponded frequently about their theories, and today are considered of equal importance in the development of evolutionary theory.


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