Which of the following functions satisfy the condition f(x) = f^ -1(x)?f(x) = -x  ; f(x) = √x  ; f(x) = -1/x

giorgiana1976 | Student

We'll calculate the inverse function for the given functions.

Let f(x) = y:

y = -x

We'll multiply by -1 and we'll get:

x = -y

f^-1(x) = -x

So f(x) = f^-1(x)  for f^-1(x) = -x.

We'll get the inverse function for f(x) = sqrtx

y = sqrt x

We'll raise to square both sides:

y^2 = x

f^-1(x) = x^2

We notice that the expression of f(x) is not equal to the expression of f^-1(x) for  f(x) = sqrtx.

We'll compute the inverse function for f(x) = -1/x.

y = -1/x

x*y = -1

x = -1/y

f^-1(x) = -1/x

We notice that f(x) = f^-1(x)  for f^-1(x) = -1/x.

We notice that the right answers are the 1st and the 3rd options.

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