How is Seven Pounds representative of the theme of identity?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the theme of identity is strongly evident in the film when Tim recognizes that his redemption is linked to the lives of others.  This is significant in that his identity at the start of the film, before the accident, is seen as individualistic.  The examination of his text message that causes the accident is one of the last moments where Tim's identity is constructed in an individualistic manner.  From this point, the death of the strangers and his fiancee, Tim defines his own sense of identity as one linked to the lives of others.  This is accomplished in a physical and emotional frame of reference.  The physical act of donating his organs to individuals displays this idea of being able to link his own identity to others.  The emotional element that he becomes driven to do so from a psychological point of view is another enhancement of the idea that identity is constructed from a collective point of view.  This  is a way in which the theme of identity is prevalent in the film in that Tim's view of self is transformed in the course of the film and through the development of both plot and the main character.