Which of the following characters do you think would fight so that “a man can stand up”: Dove, Cilla, or Lieutenant Stranger?   I know that the answer is Cilla, (Dove is lazy; Lt. Stranger is British) but I can't seem to prove why... Can someone please help me?

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I think Cilla is the right answer, although I think that Lt. Stranger would be okay too.  After all, he helped Johnny out by not telling on him when he made Goblin flip out with the sheet.

But for Cilla, the proof should be when Johnny is put on trial for supposedly stealing the cup from Merchant Lyte.  She defies her mother and comes out (with Rab's help) to testify on Johnny's behalf.  So that is the main episode I would point to to show that she would fight so a "man can stand up."

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