Which of the following best describes the logic of the scientific method?   a. If I generate a testable hypothesis, tests and observations will support it. b. If my prediction is correct, it will lead to a testable hypothesis. c. If my observations are accurate, they will support my hypothesis. d. If my hypothesis is correct, I can expect certain test results

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To better illustrate the answer, let us illustrate every letter in the choices.

a. We are doing tests to determine if the hypothesis you made is valid.  However tests may or may not support the hypothesis.

b. Predictions are made after the hypothesis was made. 

c. Whatever the accuracy level of your tests, it may or may not support your hypothesis. But the reason you do the experiment is because you want an accurate results. Test should always be accurate by any means.

d. If you have a correct hypothesis, results should be expected. (Correct answer)




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