Which of the following is an example of conserving resources? a) Using solar energy to heat homes b) planting trees c) zoos breeding animalsĀ  d) all of the above

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Resources can be thought of as anything that can be helpful to human beings and which can be made into more useful products. Plants, animals, soil, minerals, water, air, etc., are all natural resources and we make use of all of them directly or indirectly. Thus, conserving any of them is resource conservation. Lets take a look at each of the choices.

A) solar energy for heating: we commonly use fuels directly (in the form of wood, coal or gas) or indirectly (as electricity) to heat our homes. Using solar energy will help us conserve these fuels, which are nothing but natural resources.

B) planting trees: plants and trees are natural resources and provide us with fruits, shade, oxygen, wood among a number of other useful products and services. Hence planting more trees is conserving these resources and also conserving our air.

C) breeding of animals: natural resources also include animals, since they directly or indirectly benefit human beings and thus protecting and breeding them in protected areas, such as zoos (given that their natural habitats are under stress by human actions) is an example of resource conservation.

Hence choice D) all of the above is the correct choice.

Hope this helps.