company case Diwan: A Tale Of Heart Over Matter Q: which of the five marketing management concepts best describe Diwan? Pearson.. principles of marketing

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! You asked which of the five marketing management concepts best describe the Diwan Bookstore. The five concepts are production concept, product concept, societal marketing concept, marketing concept and the selling concept.  The marketing concept best describes Diwan: this Egyptian bookstore was founded by two sisters, Hind and Nadia Wassef. The marketing concept is all about determining and recognizing the needs and wants of customers and delivering those needs better than any other competitor in the market.

To that end, Diwan has been incredibly successful. It is the first Barnes-and-Noble-style bookstore in Egypt, well-stocked with both western and eastern literature in many genres. One can browse books and even have coffee and desserts in the cafe. Diwan's loyalty card program and book delivery service promote customer interest and satisfaction. In an attempt to capture more of the market, Diwan also introduced an e-reader application which allows customers to download more than 1000 Arabic titles to their smart phones or tablets. Because of its large English language offerings, Diwan is a popular place for expats and foreigners. With its book signings, children's events, used book exchanges, and cultural events, Diwan is an example of marketing excellence.

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