Which fictional character does Leo say Stargirl reminds him of?

Leo says that Stargirl reminds him of two fictional characters, Heidi and Bo Peep. This is because she turns up to school on her second day with her hair pulled back into twin-plaited pigtails and with some rouge and freckles applied to her cheeks.

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No one at Mica Area High School has ever seen anyone quite like Stargirl before. The strange new student with the large canvas bag with a sunflower on it, who's forever strumming on her ukulele and breaking into song, comes across as a bit kooky, to say the least.

But Stargirl's strangeness attracts just about everyone's attention, including Leo's. He thinks that she'd be a great subject for Hot Seat, the in-school TV show produced by Leo and his friend Kevin. The show's format involves interviewing students. Up until now, none of them were particularly noteworthy or interesting. But the ever-so-eccentric Stargirl would be a different proposition entirely. Say what you like about her, but at least she's not boring.

On Stargirl's second day at school, she's wearing a standout ensemble consisting of a pair of bright-red baggy shorts with a bib and shoulder strap. If that weren't kooky enough, she has her sandy hair pulled back into “twin-plaited pigtails, each tied with a bright-red ribbon.” To top it off, she's applied a little dab of rouge to her cheeks, as well as some freckles. Leo thinks that this makes Stargirl look like two famous fictional characters: Heidi and Little Bo Peep.

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